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Finding the Right Person for the Job

January 26, 2012

Hiring and Retaining Good Employees is easier said than done. But you can do it! 

Did you know that if used poorly, bonuses can almost do more harm than good? But when used properly, they can motivate your employees with a fire that you’ve never seen before? These tips and more were shared last night (Wed. Jan 25) at the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center’s (ASU-SBDC) seminar: “Hiring and Retaining Good Employees.”

Lisa Maciejewski, owner of Gold Star Medical and a consultant, shared from personal experience the tried and true, and the not so great ways that business owners, managers and supervisors hire and manage their help.  One of the most important ideas that Lisa shared was that if you can hire the right people, the rest of your work will be easier. But hiring the right person is easier said than done.

Many businesses go about hiring in the wrong way. Many are guilty of reactionary hiring instead of recruiting. Reactionary hiring means that you have an immediate gap that needs filling and instead of having the flexibility of waiting for good help, you find yourself looking for the first “OK” candidate that walks through the door.

Recruiting, on the other hand, puts you in a much better position where you have a collection of great applicants in your file to call up in the case of an opening. Have you ever considered continuously accepting and interviewing candidates even when you do not have an immediate position? Surprisingly, not only will this allow you to have plenty of pre-screened, great applicants when you hire, but your current employees will see that they better show excellence in their work if they want to hold on to their job.

In addition to showing the importance of recruiting, Lisa explained how to improve your efficiency in interviewing and also how to conduct a group interview. What are the some signs to look for when you are interviewing? Many red flags, if you’re looking for them, will tell you right away that a candidate may not be a good employee. What better time saver than to filter out those sub-par candidates in a group interview instead of sitting through a 30 minute interview with them.

Hiring is one thing, but holding on to those great employees is another. By using properly designed incentives, bonuses, and rewarding good work, your employees will begin to feel more appreciated and will take ownership in their work. Businesses have an opportunity to provide meaningful work to their employees that will make them enjoy coming to work each day as opposed to just seeing it is a chore.

Lisa showed how when done properly, businesses can find the right people to hire and how to manage in a way that an expectation of excellence is possible. When the right employee is in the right job and the right management helps those people enjoy their jobs, don’t be surprised when you begin to catch your employees going “Above and Beyond!”

If you missed last night’s seminar, you have another chance! Lisa will be back to present “Hiring and Retaining Good Employees” April 4th, 2012 from 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in Rassman 100 of the ASU Campus (2222 Dena Dr.). Learn more about ABU-SBDC seminars and register online for this event and more at


SEMINAR REVIEW: “Hiring and Retaining Good Employees,” Speaker: Lisa Maciejewski; Wed. Aug. 25, 2012 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.; Written by Jessica Lambert, ASU-SBDC Training Coordinator