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Creating Positive Changes

February 01, 2012

When Mr. Casillas decided he was ready to start his own business, he found the ASU-SBDC had many resources to help him get started – and beyond!

BEPC, Inc. and BEPro

Owner: Oscar Casillas
Nature of Business: Management Consulting/Technical Services
City: San Angelo, TX
SBDC Business Advisor: Cindy Hartin 

Oscar Casillas a Black Belt Certified Engineer, started Business Excellence Professional Consulting (BEPC) in 2005. BEPC provides consulting services in the life sciences and information technology fields. Traveling the world, Mr. Casillas works with clients focusing on customer centered services.

Since the beginning of his business idea, Mr. Casillas and his staff have have worked with the SBDC. Some of the tasks the SBDC has helped with including developing the organization’s vision and mission.

Mr. Casillas and his staff are looking forward to their business growing and expanding further into the Information Technology field.

With a global market for their services, BEPC and BEPro are planning to move into other countries as demand for their services continues to grow.

“The SBDC helped focus and guide our marketing and expansion strategy.”

Pedro Ramirez, BEPC Operations Director

Impact on the Community
  • Business Expansion
  • 46 Jobs Created
  • 1 Job Retained