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Arts at ASU to Present Student Plays

February 27, 2012

Angelo State University’s Arts at ASU program will present a compilation of student-written plays in the production “An Evening of Student Works” March 1-4 and 8-10 in the ASU Modular Theatre.

Show times will be at 8 p.m. on March 1-3 and 8-11, with a Sunday matinee performance on March 4 at 2 p.m.  The doors will open 15 minutes before each performance. 

Tickets are $3 for ASU students, $4 for non-ASU students and $8 general admission. Arts at ASU subscribers and ASU activity card holders will be admitted free.  The Modular Theatre is located in the Carr Education-Fine Arts Building, 2602 Dena Drive. 

The plays include “Psychodrama” by Brent Davidson, directed by Leigha Murray; “Just a Little Light” by Chrysti Friar, directed by Davidson; “What r u Thinking?” by Brian Nicholas Carter, directed by Eldra Sanford; “Flightless Fables” by Meghan Blake, directed by Murray; and “Staccato Man” by Jacob Scott, directed by Murray. 

“Psychodrama” focuses on Arthur, who is suffering from amnesia in a psychiatric ward after a near-fatal car crash.  The nursing staff employs a ruse to impersonate his family.  In a twist of events, the charade becomes reality when true identities surface.  Cast members include Casey Baccus as Arthur, Maggie Hogan as Trish, Roy Economides as Aidan, Rachel Deller as Ellen, Tyler Tynell as Nolan and Hallie Behrens as Dr. Krausse. 

In “Just a Little Light,” a ghostly group of actors assembles in the Penatellie, a famous theatre, on the eve of a performance to assist the “living” cast and crew, and to welcome a new member to the experience.   Proceedings go awry when two mischievous spirits return to wreak havoc and anarchy, and finally achieve the revenge they sought when they were alive.  Despite the distractions, the show must go on.  Cast members are Deborah Valcin as Margaret, Roy Economides as Gerry, Sarah Phillips as Lacey, Rachael Deller as Amber, Rebecca Sussdorf as Tuloulah, Brian Nicholas Carter as Brad, Martin Rodriguez as John, Tyler Tynell as Joey and Maggie Hogan as Marilyn. 

“What r u Thinking?” features a couple meeting for a first date, accompanied by their inner thoughts personified.  In the cast are Brandon Jones as Roger, Tyler Tynell as Inner Roger, Heather Walker as Inner Diana, Jacob Scott as Waiter and Anthony Lewis as Inner Waiter.

A wise old bird shares his wisdom in “Flightless Fables,” although the pearls of wisdom might not be all that insightful.  Buzzards, penguins and flamingos join the flock of characters.  Cast members include Jonathan Lopez as Old Avis, Jacob Scott as Tristan, Amanda Sanders as Maureen, Sterling Townsend as Irving, Heather Walker as Larry, Martin Rodriguez as Bob, Douglas Daye as Brother Steve, Tristan Sanders as Brother Clem, Colin Fischer as Tom, Hallie Behrens as Sue, Chrysti Friar as Dave, Sarah Phillips as Jan, Ashley Luckett as Romeo and Catherine Moore as Juliet. 

In “Staccato Man,” Jimmy is a runaway teenager trying to find a new life on the mean streets of Chicago.  He befriends an older homeless man, Staccato, who performs on the streets to hustle passersby.  Intrigued by Staccato’s zest for life, Jimmy decides to accompany him.  They make a great team until secrets are revealed, life-altering decisions are made and revelations put the harsh realities of their lives in the spotlight.  Appearing in the play are Brian Nicholas Carter as Staccato; Roy Economides as Jimmy; and Tristan Sanders, Rachael Deller, Amanda Sanders and Meghan Blake as the strangers. 

Production crew members include stage manager Janna Pinson, assistant stage manager Meghan Blake, light board operator Taylor Wilson and sound board operator Matthew Posey.  Hallie Behrens is props manager; Carly Cason, Nichole McDonald and Cassandra Trautman are wardrobe managers and costume designers; Amber Horton is the house manager and box office assistant; Brooke Addison is the charge painter; Tiana Sefcik is the play running crew; and Amanda Mitchell is the box office manager. 

Dr. Bill Doll, ASU professor of theatre and director of the University Theatre, is overseeing the productions. 

Reservations can be made by calling the ASU box office at 325-942-2000 weekdays from 2-6 p.m. 

For more information about the production, call the ASU drama program at 325-942-2146.