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Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work
Member, Texas Tech University System The Princeton Review - 373 Best Colleges, 2011 Edition

Diverse Faculty

April 24, 2012

When students takes courses at ASU, they get a “taste” of the leading schools throughout the country.  The faculty received their training and degrees from impressive institutions of higher education, and they bring those “best practices” into Angelo State’s courses and classrooms. 

Boise State University

Colorado State University

Fordham University

Indiana University

Louisiana State University

Mississippi State University

Our Lady of the Lake University

Purdue University

Shippensburg University

Texas A & M University

Texas Christian University

Texas Tech University

The University of Texas at Austin

University of California at Los Angeles

University of Central Oklahoma

University of Cincinnati

University of Florida

University of New Mexico

University of North Texas

University of Maine

Univerisity of Maryland

University of Oklahoma

University  of Southern Mississippi

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin

Virginia Tech

Washington State University

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