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Automotive Worker, NA-5823-08

Employer: USAF NAF Jobs - Goodfellow AFB
Posted: March 21, 2013


Must have experience in the maintenance and repair of diesel and gasoline powered engines which included the full range of repairing and troubleshooting of these engines, and provided all of the following:  Knowledge of the makeup, operation, and installation of major systems and assemblies to troubleshoot and repair a variety of systems or to rebuild one or more systems; knowledge to test and troubleshoot components and systems to locate equipment defect; ability to interpret and apply manufacturer’s repair manuals and technical specifications, schematics and engineering drawings, diagnostic codes, computer printouts, and safety manuals; and the ability to operate electronic test equipment.  Must be able to frequently lift, and carry objects weighing up to 40 pounds, and occasionally, objects weighing over 50 pounds.  Frequently stands, bends, stoops, crawls and works in tight spaces.  Valid state driver’s license required.  Satisfactory completion of pre-employment physical is required.Demonstrates to patrons, as requested or directed, repairs to automotive equipment that can be accomplished by cleaning, reinstalling, or replacing parts or components and systems, such as fouled spark plugs, leaky wheel cylinders, corroded mufflers, and worn brakes shoes.  Determines when various parts should be cleaned and/or replaced; exercises a knowledge of such processes; and proves basic instruction in the techniques of engine tune-up.  When workload or situation demands, actually locates worn, dirty, or poorly adjusted parts through visual check or use of a small variety of test equipment; for example, timing lights, feeler gauges, and circuit testers.  Completes needed repair and makes settings and adjustments, such as setting distributor and voltage regulator points, gaping spark plugs, setting engine idle, and turning and adjusting brakes.  Uses a variety of common hand tools, such as wrenches, pliers, brakes tools, ignition tools, screwdrivers, etc.  Assures that work performed by patrons or self conforms to specifications in appropriate repair manuals.  Assures that patrons observe fire, safety, and good housekeeping practices.  Keeps shop in orderly condition.  Cleans shop area, as required, or requests patrons to tidy up their own work areas.  Issues parts and tools and accounts for same.  General maintenance of repair of small equipment such as lawnmowers, bicycles, and trailers.  Performs other related duties as assigned. 


Flexible hours to include days, evenings, and weekends. 




Apply online at   Applicants claiming Veteran’s Preference will need to upload/fax a copy of their DD 214, Member Copy 4.  For Military Spouse Preference, applicants will need to upload/fax a copy of their spouse’s orders assigning him/her to Goodfellow AFB.  The fax number is 325-654-5529.