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July 03, 2012

Nancy Hadley

DIDL? It is an acronym for a program entitled Digital Information Driver’s License, the brainchild of Nancy Hadley. “The DIDL teaches, assesses, and certifies computer skills. The DIDL provides a student the opportunity for mastery learning,” Nancy commented. “When learning a skill, mastery learning allows learners the opportunity to “do-over” the tests until they get it right. They learn from their mistakes and master all tasks. Learners can’t fail unless they quit. The DIDL provides for this type of learning and assessment,” continued Nancy.

When Nancy first decided to pursue turning her ideas into a business, she contacted the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center for assistance. Her advisor, Peggy Hodges, had once been an adult student in a computer class taught by Nancy. “I really enjoyed being able to assist Nancy with her business. She had taken me from a novice with the computer, to designing animated programs!” Peggy remarked.

Nancy and Peggy worked through a business plan with the goal of entering it in the Business Plan Competition sponsored by the Concho Valley Center for Entrepreneurial Development. “Peggy spent countless hours refining and directing my efforts to develop my business. She was most helpful in “covering all the bases” for me. She read over my business plan and made many valuable suggestions.” Nancy commented.

At the Business Plan Competition, DIDL received an in-kind donation for programming assistance from George Draper Programming and his hosting – This business relationship continues as Nancy moves towards selling her DIDL to businesses, schools systems, and government agencies. The launching of DIDL has provided for two jobs, improving the economic base of the San Angelo area. As Nancy looks at the future of DIDL she knows that there will be a need for several more employees.