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HOT Off the Pit!

September 04, 2012

David is passionate about good Bar-B-Q. To take his vendor trailer business to a full blown restaurant he looked to Advisor Peggy Hodges for help.


Reyes Smoked Meats

Owner/Managers: David Reyes
Nature of Business: Restaurant
City: San Angelo, TX
SBDC Business Advisor: Peggy Hodges 


“Come and get your bar-b-que!” David Reyes encourages people walking by his new business. After several years, David has opened a restaurant location to sell his bar-b-que.

His journey to this point started when family and friends encouraged him to start selling the bar-b-que they all had the privilege of eating at gatherings. David agreed it was time to take his idea to the next level.

He spent a year selling the bar-b-que from a mobile kitchen. By setting up his vendor trailer in various parking lots, he was able to create a following of bar-b-que aficionados. His current location at 1814 W. Ave N., enables David to offer a much wider variety of menu items.

“The pulled pork sandwich we serve is fast becoming a favorite. Many people have never had bar-b-qued pork in this way and find they really like the flavor,” David commented. He also offers the traditional brisket sliced or chopped as well as pork ribs. Customers can add their choice of bar-b-que sauce from mild to Habanero!

David is appreciative of the assistance he has received through working with Peggy Rosser at the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center. “The SBDC has helped with every endeavor I have tried. Peggy is and has been a great resource. My latest business is going to be a success and we owe a great deal of that to the support from the
SBDC,” he said. The opening of Reyes Smoked Meats has added two jobs to the economic base of San Angelo.


Impact on the Community:

  • Business Start
  • Two Jobs Created


“The SBDC has helped with every endeavor I have tried. Peggy is and has been a great resource. My latest business is going to be a success and we owe a great deal of that to the support from the SBDC.” ~David Reyes, Owner Reyes Smoked Meats


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    When the Johnson’s approached their banker, Tonya Brown, she suggested they contact Small Business Development Advisor at Angelo State University, Peggy Hodges.
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    He was not sure what to do next, so he met with Advisor Paul Howard of the Angelo State University • Small Business Development Center.  Rafael wanted to do business with their local bank so Paul suggested he start working on startup costs and a business plan. 
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    Reyes Smoked Meats
    Reyes Smoked Meats

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