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ARCC Photos and Results

April 11, 2013

Photos and results from ARCC 2013 are now posted.

Photos and results from ARCC 2013 are now posted. Please, visit the page listed on the right-hand side for the details. We had a wonderful time this year, and it is truly exciting to see the event grow. We hope to continually build on this competition and seek even more sponsorship and climbers; so, please help us spread the word.

In an effort to clean up our website and help us spread the word more efficiently for next year’s competition, we will be removing the permanent ARCC page and replacing it with a temporary event page. It shouldn’t look much different to you, but since you’re a loyal OA member, we wanted to give you a heads up. Mostly, this means the ARCC page will appear under our events sidebar item when it draws near, and it will go away when it is no longer needed.