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Department of English and Modern Languages
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EML Faculty and Staff Receive Service Awards

April 18, 2013



Nine of our department members have received well-deserved recognition for years of service at ASU.

Ten Years:  Lynette Crockett, Senior Instructor of English and Director of Developmental English, and Julie Gates, Associate Professor of English

Fifteen Years: Jeff Schonberg, Professor of English; Diane Spraggins, Office Coordinator; John Wegner, Professor of English and Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research

Twenty Years: Mary Ellen Hartje, Professor of English; Elisabeth Muelsch, Professor of French; David O’Dell, Senior Instructor of Spanish

Thirty Years: Maria de los Santos Onofre-Madrid, Assistant Professor of Spanish


From left to right in the photo above: Schonberg, Spraggins, Hartje, Onofre-Madrid, O’Dell, and Wegner


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