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Issues with Apostrophes in filenames

July 25, 2013

Apostrophe in assignment file name causes problems in the Inline Grading Tool. 

Problem Description:

The problem occurs when a student submits an assignment with an attachment that has an apostrophe in the file name. When attempting to view the submission within the inline grading viewer “Loading… Please wait while we render this file” appears. The “error” remains on the page and does not render the file, even though it is a supported file type. 

Solution/Work Around:

The apostrophe disables the ability to post the grade on the Inline Grading Page. This tool will not render correctly if students submit assignments with a file name that is longer than 100 characters (including spaces) or where the file name contains special characters, including apostrophes ( ‘ ). 

Instructors will have to either clear the students attempt and have them rename the file name and resubmit, or they will need to download the file and post the grade as an override grade. 




Contact the e-Learning Center for support.