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Documentation Prep Clerk I

Employer: Spherion Staffing
Posted: February 20, 2014


Responsibilities: Document Preparation Clerk is responsible for the acceptance, scanning, imaging, and content reviewing of all correspondence, including medical records. They are also responsible for printing and mailing letters as well as demand letters. MRC primary functions are requesting and tracking the receipt of medical records for complex review. •Ensuring all correspondence received is: o Data stamped as ‘received’ on the media received date o Assigned to the corresponding account to which the correspondence belongs o Verified as attached to the correct account o Reviewed for reason/content within 24 hours of receipt o Responded to and /or forwarded to correct department to resolve correspondence inquires •Making copies of files and providing information to Team Manager within 24 hours for all written appeals received •Imaging/scanning of all correspondence •Transferring correspondence from CD/DVD to our proprietary system •QA, assemble and ship demand packages •Proof reading for accuracy and verification of general data contained in packages. •Mailing all letters including First Demand packages, medical records request letters and referral to treasury letters •Verifying address and contact information are correct and match provider file •Ensure proper destruction of all hard copies, CDs and DVDs as required by HIPAA and CMS. •Type/print labels for First Demand packages to providers •Type labels/print for follow-up notices •Type labels for CDs which contain demand data to providers •Maintain a list of documents sent and save in designated drive •Maintain Master Demand Spreadsheet of shipment demographics and details and package shipment confirmations •Filing as needed •Typing letters and documents •Copying, scanning, faxing documents and tracking invoices •Identify and report issues to supervisor for resolution •Reporting on daily, weekly and monthly shipment reports •Scan medical records 


Monday-Saturday: 4pm-8pm




Apply in person at Knickerbocker Rd. San Angelo, TX 76904 or contact Rosie Padilla 325-944-4006/