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Skaters Vandalize Art Outside Library

March 18, 2014

The Porter Henderson Library asks for your assistance in identifying the criminals who vandalized the San Angelo Heritage Mosaic outside the main entrance of the Library on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

On Sunday, March 9th the San Angelo Heritage Mosaic by Julie Richey on the wall outside of the Library’s main entrance received damage from individuals who used this surface as a grind rail for aggressive inline skating. Unfortunately, those who choose to engage in street skating rather than using skate parks or half-pipe venues leave a trail of damage behind them.

Prior to using the artwork to perform their stunts, they applied wax to the tiles to make grinding easier. Without regard to the fact that their chosen skating surface was a piece of art, the vandals then engaged in performing their stunts. As a result, the mosaic in front of the Library received damage including broken tiles and skid marks.

The Library received a cost estimate of more than $2,000 to repair the damage. Further evaluation of the tiles could reveal more damage. The Library is working with the University Police Department to identify and prosecute the individuals who committed this act of vandalism and seek restitution for the damage.

If you see anyone using this artwork, or any other University property, in a manner that is destructive, please show that you care about ASU and immediately notify the University Police Department at 942-2071.