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SBDC aids with preparing for goals

May 18, 2014

“The goal to be reached is the mind’s insight into what knowing is. Impatience asks for the impossible, wants to reach the goal without the means of getting there.” Hegel 1770-1831.

This poster, neatly framed, hangs in my office to help remind me my job is to help my clients reach their goal by helping them prepare.

Preparation is the “means of getting there” and the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center offers the training to prepare you so you can reach your goal. Without a basic foundation in the tools and vocabulary of business, it will be you who “asks for the impossible.”

The mission of the SBDC is simple: Building the Concho Valley Economy, one business at a time.

We want you to be successful and each week we offer training to support you and your business. Many sessions are at no cost or are offered for a nominal fee.

In April, the SBDC offered 3 ½ hours of training in “Doing Business in the Oilfield: Where Does Your Small Business Fit?” The monthly Business Brown Bag training focused on marketing with “Keep it Fresh: A New Approach to Traditional Media.” Training in starting a trucking company and a two-day training in profit mastery rounded out the month.

Coursework during the first part of May, offered an opportunity for attendees to participate in the Small Business Management Certificate Program. Either the eight-week course or the self-paced course provides help to support the learning needs for aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners of new companies.

These courses are taught by ASU SBDC business development specialists, local business owners, attorneys, CPAs and other experts. Upon completion you will receive your certificate of completion at an SBDC graduation ceremony.

Also in the first two weeks of May were a two-part Business Plan training, QuickBooks Four Part Series, and Guerrilla Marketing Tactics. Monthly Business Brown Bag will deal with Social Media Marketing, then a seminar on Sales Tax Basics and Understanding Financial Statements are offered later in the month. A workshop in Spanish will be taught by Adriana Balcorta-Havins dealing with starting a trucking company.

June training starts the first week with “Social Media Mobile Marketing” and “Shaking the Money Tree: Finding Funding for Your Business.”

“Starting a Business? What you need to Know!” is offered in week two along with “7 Habits for Small Business Manager 2-day Series.” The “7 Habits” has grant opportunities to pay for the $395 fee.

The remainder of June offers seminars in “Basics of Business Entities: How to Choose the Right Legal Structure for Your Business,” “Basics of Bookkeeping,” “The Basics of Marketing & Branding” as well as Part 1 and II of “How to Write Your Business Plan.”

The ASU SBDC offers an extensive list of seminars designed to help you “reach the goal.” Contact us for specific times, dates and fees at 325-942-2098.