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PT Merchandiser


Glazer’s Wholesale (Coors/Miller)

Posted: June 20, 2014


Performs merchandising activities and constructs displays of Company products in retail accounts as requested by Sales Representatives or retail customers. Installs promotional merchandising point-of-sale to achieve display objectives. Services customers with special product deliveries on an emergency basis. Essential Functions: 1. Performs merchandising and display activities in retail accounts as requested or directed. 2. Ensures maximum space allocation in merchandisable accounts. 3. Participates in the development of retail accounts through display service. 4. Introduces and installs new promotional materials to maintain display floor space in retail accounts. 5. Delivers product merchandise when required. 6. Performs merchandising warehouse duties as needed. 7. Advises the Sales Merchandising Manager and assigned Sales Representative of service problems encountered. 8. Understands the safety rules and requirements in the workplace. 9. Immediately report to the Warehouse Supervisor or Warehouse Manager or Warehouse Operations Manager any safety related incident, injury or illness. 10. Immediately reports to the Warehouse Supervisor or Warehouse Manager or Warehouse Operations Manager any unsafe work condition or safety hazard. 11. Encourages others to follow the safety rules and requirements in the workplace. 12. May involve evening or weekend scheduling for special sales promotions. 13. Travel 60% to 80% by automobile. Daily driving may involve distances up to 100 miles. 14. Perform other duties as assigned. Qualifications: Planning and organizational skills necessary to coordinate workload around multiple assignments Presentation skills necessary to effectively communicate, update, persuade, and/or facilitate discussions with all levels of management Communication skills necessary to work effectively with a variety of individuals and departments Working knowledge of payroll concepts, practices, and procedures Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel Basic math necessary to perform addition, subtraction.