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Place One More in the Stack!

December 01, 2011

New employees and new growth have kept Mason Greenstar very busy. SBDC Advisor Peggy Hodges Rosser meets with Mason Greenstar on a monthly basis to provide ongoing assistance with this fast growing, eco-friendly, building materials company.


Owner/Managers: Zach Rabon and Josh Hargrove
Nature of Business: Construction Material Manufacturing
City: Mason, Texas
SBDC Advisor: Peggy Hodges Rosser

Zach Rabon and Josh Hargrove are not only stacking BLOX, they are adding a new team member! Matt Hargrove joined Mason Greenstar on August 2, 2011. Mason Greenstar is experiencing some growing pains and Matt’s role will fill the void created in public relations as new research and operational demands are placed on Zach and Josh.

Rural Business Advisor, Peggy Hodges Rosser, visits Mason Greenstar on a monthly basis. “Peggy’s efforts with our company continue to support our growth and mission,” Zach stated.

The recent injection of monies awarded through the Eureka Grant from the State Comptroller’s office has made a big difference in the way the industry is reacting to Mason Greenstar. The biggest difference is projected to be realized after Mason Greenstar’s maiden appearance at the World of Concrete Conference early in 2012.

 “Peggy’s efforts with our company continue to support our growth
and mission.” - Zach Rabon


Impact on the Community

  • Business Expansion
  • One Job Created

  • Mason Greenstar materials
    Mason Greenstar materials

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