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Community Development Initiatives
Member, Texas Tech University System The Princeton Review - 373 Best Colleges, 2011 Edition

Michelle Suzanne Hanby, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work, Community Development Initiatives

Assistant Professor
M.S. Program Director, Counseling Psychology, Research Director of Community Development Initiatives
  • Ph.D. (2008) Clinical Psychology, Developmental-Clinical specialization, University of Maine
  • M.A. (2005) Psychology, University of Maine
  • B.S. (2001) Psychology, Virginia Tech           
  • Undergraduate: Abnormal Psychology
  • Graduate: Psychopathology, Counseling Theories and Applications, Psychological Assessment, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy             

My interests lie in the prevention and treatment of aggressive and disruptive behavior in children and adolescents. In particular, I am interested in improving the implementation of evidence-based practices for disruptive behavior problems. My main interests are in:

  1. increasing parent engagement and acceptability of treatment
  2. improving the accessibility and availability of services.                 
  • Hanby, M.S.R., Fales, J., Nangle, D.W., Serwik, A.K., & Hedrick, U. (in press). Social Anxiety as a Predictor of Dating Aggression. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  • Rivera, M.S., Nangle, D.W., & (2012). Peer interventions. In R.J.R. Levesque (Ed.), Encyclopedia of adolescence. New York: Springer.
  • Canady, B.E., Rivera, M.S., Gerdes, J.  Ford, A., Johnson, K., & Nayak, N. (2011). Developing cultural awareness during internship: Teaching how to learn about communities. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 5, 30-37.
  • Rivera, M.S., Dickstein, S., Seifer, R., Shepard-Umaschi, S. (2011, May).  A New Look at the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale – Revised. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Psychological Science, Washington, DC. 
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