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Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

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Dr. William B. Davidson

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Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

  • Ph.D., (1975) University of Texas at Austin
  • B.A., (1970) Trinity University—San Antonio               
  • Undergraduate: General Psychology, Personality, Seminar in Psychological Research
  • Graduate: Personality, Core Concepts in Psychological Science                 

I have an interest in studying personality characteristics that enable people to function better in challenging environments such as college or work. Also, I am interested in understanding aspects of selfhood that influence people’s self esteem.                   

  • Davidson, W. B., Beck, H. P., & Milligan, M. (2009).The College Persistence Questionnaire: Development and validation of an instrument that predicts student attrition. Journal of College Student Development, 50, 373-390.
  • Davidson, W. B., & Mowrer, R. R. (2009, May). Optimism and esteem contingency moderate reactions to gain-loss framing. Twenty-first Annual Conference of the Association of Psychological Science, San Francisco, CA.
  • Davidson, W. B., Bromfield, J. M., & Beck H. P. (2007). Beneficial academic orientations and self-actualization among college students. Psychological Reports, 100, 604-612.
  • Davidson, W. B., & Beck, H.P. (2006). Survey of Academic Orientation and persistence in college freshmen. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 8, 1-9.
  • Davidson, W. B., & Beck, H. P. (2006). Using the Survey of Academic Orientations to predict undergraduates’ stress levels. NACADA Journal, 26, 13-20.
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