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    January 1
    Lala’s Fashion owned by Jerri Fierro offers formal wear, specifically for women. The formal wear includes dresses for quinceañeras, prom, special occasions, bridal and more. Lala’s Fashion offers formal wear to the local community and surrounding rural areas. Ms. Jerri Fierro has managed Kerrie’s Creations in Ozona, TX for two and half years when she had the opportunity to run independently and establish her own company offering only formal wear under Lala’s Fashion.
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    April 28

    We often find ourselves looking for feedback, such as reviews on places or things of interest to make sure we are making the right decision or that we will make our time and money worth the while.

    Therefore, as business owners you are aware of the importance of customer reviews on your websites, social media and even word-of-mouth comments.

    Sometimes being able to handle all the feedback you received from clients can be challenging, but I guarantee it will be worth your time.

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    January 30

    Entrepreneur Mary Perkins has worked in the shoe industry for 20+ years. Ms. Perkins holds a Shoe Fitter Certification making her knowledge and expertise a great asset for her new business. Ms. Perkins’ former job gave her the opportunity to start a business of her
    own. When her former employer was looking to sell her business she made the offer to her only employee, Mary Perkins, giving her the opportunity to start with a large inventory.

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    January 29

    Ms. Morua has always had an innate passion for vegetation and has been working with flowers since 1998. She developed her knowledge in floriculture at a local flower shop starting as a plant care employee and ultimately became a florist. Fortunately, this experience allowed Ms. Morua to learn about flowers and plants as well as work in the management side of the business learning about vendors, costs, finances, etc.

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    November 12

    Before I started working at the Small Business Development Center, I had the same concept as many of you might have about SBDCs. The services offered by these centers are only for startups or “small” businesses. But, have you ever wondered what encompasses the term small business?

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    August 27

    With the oil boom taking place around San Angelo, more people are deciding to start businesses. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to help various clients start trucking businesses, mobile kitchens, contracting companies and other companies offering services to the oil field. We have faced challenges in the process, but in the end most clients have obtained what they sought — to be self-employed.

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    July 15

    Last month the Small Business Development Center had the opportunity to offer an employee handbook seminar as part of its seminar series. The seminar was divided into two parts, and both were extremely informative. Therefore, I would like to share some of the information: 

    Many times small businesses don’t consider having an employee handbook because of the small number of staff they have, but it is important to be aware of the significance of written policies…

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    June 3

    You want to open a business. You know almost exactly how much it will cost to start: supplies, furniture, rent, utilities, etc. But what about sales tax? As a new business owner this will be one of the first taxes you will pay once you start selling your product or service. After setting up your company either as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, etc., you will need to visit the State Comptroller’s Office to find out about your sales tax responsibility…

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    April 22
    Taxes are over… but does that mean you get to relax? Finances and cash flow are the lifeline of every business, are you watching yours closely enough?
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    March 15

    Many young entrepreneurs start with the idea of having their own business because they want something different, something owned. Therefore, here are five pieces of advice that I hope will help them:

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    January 28

    To some people, social encounters can be a stressful event. For the rest of us, going up and talking to a stranger ranks right up there with public speaking or having a tooth pulled. Why is that? Although many people may at first find it uncomfortable to begin networking, it is worth the effort and can help open doors you didn’t even know existed.

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    December 19
    As another year comes to an end, take a moment to look back on all that you’ve accomplished. Its not easy being a small business owner, but the pride of accomplishing what others only dream of makes it worth it. Even when things don’t work out perfectly, you have still learned…. 
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    November 19
    The ASU-SBDC welcomes new business development specialist Adriana Balcorta Havins. Adriana brings to the team a variety of experience to assist clients and is a fluent  Spanish  speaker.