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  • E-Z Tires
    January 1
    Zeke Salazar knows tires!  He has always been the local go-to-guy when friends and family needed help with anything having to do with tires.  Tires on cars, trucks and even lawnmowers, Zeke can fix it.
  • Depot Street RV
    January 1
    Charlie Bradley watched his hometown of Eldorado begin to grow as the increase in the oil and gas activity in Schleicher County progressed. Knowing the support workers for the petroleum industry usually sought temporary housing, he decided to research requirements for an RV Park.
  • January 29

    Mason Greenstar manufactures building components out of paper waste and a patented blend of binding solutions. Recent developments have led to their engaging in conversations with some very LARGE producers of cellulose. These cellulose producers see using Mason Greenstar processes to turn their refuse into environmentally friendly building materials.

    January 28

    Entrepreneurs are dreamers. This statement was never truer than with Amanda Lyles. A native of San Angelo, MBA graduate of Texas Tech University and employee of the State of Texas, Amanda had a dream. She wanted to own and operate a Day Spa and had focused her energies on that goal.

  • January 5

    SAN ANGELO, Texas — There it was, finally the sofa had arrived in our store.

    It was beautiful in my eyes and I had lobbied hard to get it. It’s sleek, long slung seating had a contemporary modern look. The velvety or white which added to its uniqueness. Yes, it was orange, but in the late ’70s orange was still a popular color for living room furniture. It became a real conversation piece among our customers. Problem was, that’s all they did was talk about it.

  • Peggy Hodges Rosser, Business Development Specialist and Rural Business Manager
    October 28

    “America’s Funniest Home Video” has provided an opportunity for the general public to laugh at the antics of small children, goofy grandparents and funny animals.

    With the internet, this type of video is available instantly through myriad online portals. Your business, regardless if you are on the internet or not, can be directly affected. What are you doing to manage the reputation of your business?

  • September 17

    When you make a decision to start a business, sometimes one of the first things you might do is go to the bank to open a new business account.

    Many times, the bank’s new accounts assistant will request you secure a DBA before opening the checking account.

    The DBA as it is called is an acronym for “Doing Business As.”

    This name is also referred to as a trade name or an assumed name. If you choose a name for your business as anything other than your own personal name, then you need to register it…

  • August 7

    When it comes to signage, there is a lot to know. And by not knowing, you might miss your sign from being seen when you want it to be seen. In a fast paced world, a fancy design or font might do more harm than good when you consider how long you have to get your sign read. Peggy Rosser, ASU-SBDC Rural Business Manager, decided she wanted to know more about the regulations and research regarding signage and found there is much more than what meets the eye…

  • Building Green
    June 27

    Mason Greenstar is sitting on the cusp of becoming a household name in the home
    construction business. Working for years to create a consistent building block which would satisfy testing requirements, Zach Rabon, President unveiled automated equipment recently delivered from Canada to Mason, Texas.

  • I can Frame a Smile
    June 27

    Jennifer Swink Meagher and advisor Peggy Rosser have established a long-term relationship spanning over the past 20+ years. Peggy was Jennifer’s Fifth Grade Teacher! As a ten year old, Peggy knew Jennifer was talented, “Jennifer was always full of ideas, art projects and wanted to help everyone with which ever project they were doing! I remember her like it was just yesterday and she was a ten year old sitting in my classroom. Now she’s a business owner!” 

  • It's a Stihl
    June 27

    Angelo Iacomini, a native New Yorker, came to Texas planning to retire. A part time job in the rental department at the local hardware store, was supposed to be just that, part time! When the hardware store decided to stop renting equipment, Angelo decided to open his own rental place. Hill Country Hardware & Rental, LLC is a mainstay in the construction business in Junction and the surrounding areas.

  • Making Signs the D'Z Way
    June 27

    When David Sanchez was interested in buying a building and opening a sign shop, he approached Sonora Bank and spoke with banker Tonya Brown. Tonya called Angelo State University Small Business Development Center and Rural Advisor Peggy Rosser for assistance. Peggy, Tonya and David met to discuss his business.

  • June 27

    The newest group of Small Business Management Certificate Program graduates celebrated their accomplishment among family and friends June 13, 2013. The program encompassed eight start up seminars and one-on-one advising so help this fresh batch of entrepreneurs take one step closer to business ownership… 

  • April 1
    Entrepreneurial success begins in childhood. All it takes is an astute parent to mentor and guide the child to discover they can make money using their talents. Since my last Business Tips article, based on the book “Young Bucks, How to Raise a Future Millionaire” by Troy Dunn, I’ve been searching my memory bank for examples. I’ll share those examples as well as explore some Dunn has identified.
  • Joanne Heady - Serenity Quilts of Many Colors
    April 1
    “I bet this one will match!” – Finally, Joanne Heady with Serenity Quilts of Many Colors, has enough room in her new building.  She built a new building which fronts TX Hwy 87 and expanded her business!  The new, big, red building located on the SW corner is hard to miss!
  • February 17

    It started simple. I had cut some mistletoe out of the tree and hung it above my front door. The grandchildren liked knowing it was there and wanted some to take home. I assured them that they probably already had some growing in one of their trees, but nonetheless they set a plan in motion…

  • January 7

    How vulnerable are your online accounts? A better password could make the difference between a breach of security or not. Here are some tips to help keep your information more secure.

  • November 6
    With a little guidance from SBDC Advisor, Peggy Hodges, White Wings leather goods is ready for flight!
  • October 23
    When was the last time you felt like you had THE next great patentable idea? Many people feel this “spark of genius” at different times, but the idea is already taken, or they fail to keep proper documentation… don’t let that happen to you!
  • September 18
    Employees who feel disgruntled? Tasks that they could handle being passed up to the manager? This could be a case of lack of employee empowerment. Find out from Peggy Rosser how empowering your employees can lead to greater customer satisfaction…
  • August 21

    Peggy’s last article in her series based on the book “Getting things Done,” just might help all of us get a little more done…

  • August 6

    Does your project need an extra push to move forward? Many people are good at the beginning stages of developing an idea, but they tend to fall off when it gets to implementation.

  • July 9
    Do you struggle with getting things done? One of the most difficult things to do is to wade through a growing pile of to-do lists. Not to worry. There are ways to break down that mountain of tasks and be sure you are in control, not your to-dos. Peggy Rosser shares how.
  • May 14
    Peggy Hodges continues her 5 part series on “Getting Things Done.”  Do you have a tendency to get stuck on things? Do you experience too much stress? Learn how to move past these hurdles and experience higher efficiency.
  • April 26
    Twenty years ago at the age of 17, Mexico immigrant, Ignacio Ramirez walked from Del Rio, Texas to Mason, Texas. After 17 years of cooking, he and his wife Lisa decided it was time for him to open his own restaurant.
  • April 2
    Stressed? Overwhelmed? Not sure how you will possibly get everything done? You’re not alone, and more people these days are feeling the same way. Here’s one thing you can do to improve your ability to, “Get things DONE!”
  • March 2
    Clay investigated the possibility of purchasing a Chicken Express franchise and reached out to the Angelo State University - Small Business Development Center and Rural Business Advisor, Peggy Hodges Rosser, for assistance.
  • City manager solution owner. Jim and R.J. Rooney.
    March 2
    Jim and R.J. Rooney have expanded! They have added City Manager Solutions to their already successful People Smart Tools. City Manager Solutions provides a systematic approach for a city council to provide effective leadership.
  • February 20
    It had been some time since I had been stumped in learning something seemingly so simple as rules in a card game. But it immediately caused me to think about new employees and how they learn and how we teach them.
  • Sonora Economic Development Corporation
    February 7
    In addition to helping small businesses, our rural business advisor Peggy Hodges also works with economic development corporations and chambers of commerce to help create better economic conditions for rural small business owners.