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  • James LeavelleSenior Business Advisor
    May 7
    Have you ever tried to drive down the highway and keep your vehicle in your lane just using your rear view mirror?  
  • Dave Erickson, Director & Certified Business Advisor
    April 24
    This year National Small Business Week is April 29th through May 5th.
  • Alejandro CastanonBusiness Development Specialist
    April 9
    Am I a good sales person? Are my employees as good as or better than me at selling? Most would answer that they think of themselves as great sales people!
  • James Leavelle, Business Development Specialist and Senior Certified Business Advisor IV
    March 26
    Sometimes a business idea comes along that is a great idea and as a business would be popular, but isn’t enough to succeed on its own merits.  
  • Dave Erickson, DirectorCertified Business Advisor
    March 12
    Have you wondered how you would transfer ownership of your business when it is time to retire, or you are forced to retire?
  • Dezaray Johnson, M.A. Certified Business Advisor &Training Coordinator 
    February 20
    LinkedIn is a unique social media site that you can truly take advantage of in order to better your business.
  • Dave Erickson, Director &Certified Business Advisor
    February 12
    Business incubation started in 1959 in New York when an old Massey-Ferguson farm implement plant closed.
  • James Leavelle, M.B.A.Business Development Specialist & Certified Business Advisor
    January 29
    For most businesses, their fiscal year ended December 31st.  Now the rush is on for them to get W-2s and 1099s out to their employees and vendors!
  • Dave Erickson, Director and Certified Business Advisor
    January 15
    Time is running out for those who wish to enter the 2018 San Angelo Business Plan Competition!
  • Dezaray Johnson, M.A.Certified Business Advisor and  Training Coordinator
    January 1

    Email was invented in 1971 and its use has continued to grow year after year since.  Let’s just say email is not going away anytime soon. So let’s discuss some ways to utilize email as a source of delivering targeted content to your customers.

  • Dave Erickson, DirectorCertified Business Advisor
    December 18
    Many small business owners in the Baby Boomer generation are looking to cash out and transition their business to someone else.
  • Dave Erickson, Director Certified Business Advisor
    December 4

    The Angelo State University - Small Business Development Center (SBDC) celebrates its 27th year of service to San Angelo and the 10 county area of the Concho Valley. Thousands of small businesses in the Concho Valley have benefited from our business advising and training services.

  • Dave Erickson, DirectorCertified Business Advisor
    November 20
    Attention San Angelo entrepreneurs! The 2018 San Angelo Business Plan Competition is now open to all eligible small business owners and those wishing to start a business.
  • James Leavelle, Certified Business Advisor
    November 6

    My daughter is in a high school marching band and every year they compete in UIL competition.  They also compete in smaller festivals and contests in preparation for the UIL contests.  They will compete against other schools in their same class (6A) for recognition and awards.

  • Dave Erickson, DirectorCertified Business Advisor
    October 23

    The City of San Angelo’s Planning and Development Services Department is striving to improve services it provides on proposed projects that are brought before them by property owners, contractors, developers, engineers, and architects. The goal is to have a business friendly and pro-business atmosphere as it relates to planning and permitting.

  • Dave Erickson, DirectorCertified Business Advisor
    October 9

    Gross profit is an often misunderstood concept in business. Gross profit is found on the income statement, or the profit and loss statement as it is also known.

  • adriana 
    September 25

    Hiring employees becomes one of the most challenging steps of a business owner. The paperwork involve to register to have access to report employee taxes along with the different deadlines can become overwhelming for those that take care of their books in house.

  • Dave Erickson, Director and Certified Business Advisor
    September 11

    In a small business cash is king. Cash is needed to pay bills, make payroll, and meet other short term obligations of the business. Obviously, profit is important also.

  • paul
    August 28

    This will be my last Business Tips article as I will be retiring August 31st.  I have probably written over 100 articles these last 12 years.  My first article was November 11, 2005.  It was about how your customers can be your friends as well.  It is so true.  I still miss many of our customers.

  • Dezaray Johnson, M.A. Certified Business Advisor and Training Professional
    July 26
    Millennials are affecting how small business provide customer service both as front line employees as well as consumers in the market place.
  • adriana
    July 13
    While one of our interns was doing some file compilation, he brought to my attention that I had a high influx of clients in May compared to other months.
  • Dave Erickson, Director & Certified Business Advisor
    July 3
    We are asked on occasion to help a business victimized by employee embezzlement of company funds and goods.
  • June 19
    The United States Federal Government wants to purchase products and services from Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB).
  • Dezaray Johnson, M.A. Certified Business Advisor and Training Professional
    May 22

    Recently, the SBDC hosted a training event that focused on digital marketing. Our guest speaker, Maria Duron, said something that significantly stood out; “If you are not measuring, you are not marketing”.

  • May 8

    The SBDC has had the opportunity to offer an Employee Handbook seminar in the past as part of our seminar series. In this article, I would like to share some of the information learned regarding the importance of having a well-developed Handbook. 

  • Dave Erickson, Director
    April 24

    Entrepreneurs who are developing a product (product or process) for commercialization basically have two choices to get their product to the marketplace; manufacture it themselves or license the right to make and distribute to someone else. This process is called licensing out. A license, through a licensing agreement, is a formal granting of the rights to make and sell to another party, who is called a licensing partner. The entrepreneur, or licensor, is usually paid in up-front fees and ongoing royalty payments.

  • April 10

    Just because you own and operate a small business doesn’t make you an entrepreneur.  A study published in an issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics revealed a key difference between being self-employed and an entrepreneur.  Researchers found that a business’s legal status, whether it is incorporated or unincorporated, is what separates entrepreneurs from other small business owners.

  • March 27

    Mission Creep.  Merriam-Webster defines mission creep as “the gradual broadening of the original objectives of a mission or organization.”  Wikipedia says it “is the expansion of a project or mission beyond its original goals, often after initial successes.”  And, Urban Dictionary “mission creep happens when extra and often unnecessary details that [sic] are added to a project usually causing the project to spiral out of control.”

  • Dezaray Johnson, M.A. Training Coordinator
    March 13

    There are many different software options in the business world and google happens to be one of my favorites for many reasons. Today I would like to share with you some of those reasons with you and specifically focus on those that help us increase our productivity. 

  • February 27
    You want to open a business. You know almost exactly how much it will cost you to start; supplies, furniture, rent, utilities, etc. But, what about sales tax? As a new business owner, this will be one of the first taxes you will encounter once you start selling your product or service.