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  • Client Reichenau
    December 14

    The owners said James “went above and beyond what we could have asked for or expected!  James was top notch and his work was so beneficial to our project and what we hope to accomplish!”

  • Aaron Brosh
    November 20

    “The SBDC gave me loan advice. They also helped me understand the process. They helped me in every step from setting up a LLC to marketing ideas.”

  • Mike & Shari Malcomb
    November 13

    “Adriana has been God send to me & our business. No matter what questions or concern I have she either has an answer or knows where to find it. Adriana & the SBDC have been a well spring of help and information.”  

  • Ezequiel Tapia 
    November 10

    “Adriana helped by guiding us through all the processes, giving us the tools and knowledge we needed to start our business”

  • Candi & Brian Rasberry
    September 29

    “ASU SBDC played a crucial role in helping our business get into H.E.B. Helping with the bar codes and with problems that you will face being a direct store delivery vender are just a couple of the ways they helped our company.” 

  • Patsy Cotton
    August 15

    “SBDC helped me start my business and without them, I would not be successful.” 

  • Meagan Jones
    August 3

    “Dezaray and the SBDC have been there for my business and me from the beginning with any questions I have! I am so grateful for their help.”

  • Brent Jameson
    April 12

    “Dezaray Johnson was amazing. She spent countless hours meeting with us and helping us refine our business plan.”

  • November 18

      “Peggy helped us with our financial projections and business plan.  She was amazing in educating us on what to expect so we could be prepared and get started.” 

  • September 29

    “Paul Howard and the SBDC team helped us to develop our business plan and continue to support us through the expansion… their input has been vital to our success and we are so thankful for this organization and all of the support they have provided us.”

  • September 14

    “I am so thankful for Peggy’s help with cash flow and profit and loss financials. I would not have made it this far or this fast without the help from Peggy.  Thank you so much.”

  • August 3

    “I want to personally thank James Leavelle for the outstanding job he did in helping to prepare my business plan.  He was very helpful throughout the whole process.”

  • August 2

    “We’re off to a strong start and I credit much of that to our relationship with Peggy and the assistance she provided.”

  • July 26

    “…SBDC did an excellent job of helping us purchase an existing business and has been a great partner the past 6 years.”

  • June 24

    “Peggy has always encouraged me and my business.  We have discussed many business “angles” during her years
    and I respect her input and ideas.”

  • June 24

    “I was glad to be able to work with Peggy on the expansion.  Her vast knowledge enabled us to make accurate projections for our new location.  We are thankful to have her as a contact to rely on for information and assistance in this project.”

  • June 15

    “James Leavelle helped Tori and I create a business plan that would help us organize our ideas and money wisely in a manner that would guarantee our success”.

  • June 3

    “Adriana helped me with the business plan and all questions I had!”

  • May 26

    “(SBDC) assist with business plan structure and development. Assist with production process optimization. Assistance with packaging and more. Throughout, could not have asked for better service.”

  • Pattie Stroud-Pena
    May 20

    Peggy Rosser was invaluable in assisting me in every aspect of starting my business, from legal to practical and everything in between.”

  • March 30

    “The SBDC provided information that was helpful and useful for our business.  Any and all questions I have they were there to help me and guide me into the right direction.”

  • March 18

    “Adriana has helped us filling out paperwork necessary for the business and to understand the administration side of the business.
    Thank you!”

  • March 2

    “James has not only helped me open my own business, he has increased my knowledge about being a business owner.  Step by step, he has walked me through the process, enabling my business to be successful.”

  • Excellent Foods
    February 9

    “Adriana has helped us understand the business plan process and better understand the many questions regarding banking terminology in reference to financing…Thank you!”

  • February 8

    “Adriana has helped us by pointing us in the right direction to success. She has been by our side since day one and has given us advice every step of the way.

  • February 4

    “Adriana helped me with paperwork. She has great customer service and provided me with awesome business knowledge.”

  • July 9
    “Paul Howard helped me start my new business with no stress. He was kind and informative.”
  • My Trainer - A Matt Cutrer Fitness Facility LLC
    January 23
    Matt Cutrer had been working as a personal trainer for several years in fitness centers belonging to someone else.  His dream was to own one of his own.  Matt and his wife (Nora) began talking about that dream but wasn’t sure where to go with it.
  • E-Z Tires
    January 1
    Zeke Salazar knows tires!  He has always been the local go-to-guy when friends and family needed help with anything having to do with tires.  Tires on cars, trucks and even lawnmowers, Zeke can fix it.
  • Tumbleweed Paperie
    January 1
    Allison had been working for friends and family over the last couple of years providing invitations for weddings, birthdays and special events.  She works full time but really enjoys doing this in her spare time.